Contrast CT doesn’t kill your kidneys… (a closer look)

I was at #ICSSOA2017 conference this week and thoroughly enjoyed it. While I was taking my usual in-conference scribbles, people became particularly interested in a the couple of lines I posted from a very engaging ‘myth busting’ talk given by Dr Chris Laing (@DrChrisLaing). That original scribble is posted at the end of this blog.

In the interest of follow up, I decided to sit down and read one of the main references for this talk today, so I could produce something a little more focused on it. I think at the very least it certainly suggests that, although a prospective trial would likely be required to shift many years of what seems like dogma, such a trial would surely be ethical. I also agree with the authors who suggest that, within the context of paying heed to and managing other risk factors for AKI,  clinicians could now shift the weight of importance that they give to IV contrast in situations where they are weighing up the risk of AKI against achieving appropriate diagnosis for a patients.

As always discussion welcome!


(the reference linked above is open access, so please have a look too!)

IMG_0646 2


CT contrast






I am a single speciality Intensive care Medicine trainee and member of the Intensive Care Society Council... originally from Ireland but trained and working in West Mids, UK. You say my name like ee-fa My notes are not medical advice. Please enjoy, comment, share and let me know your thoughts. Disclaimers: All my opinions are generally a work in progress and therefore subject to change - but then why would it be any other way? Views expressed on Whistlingdixie and Scribblingdixie blogs are not medical advice. My opinions and the content on either of these sites do not constitute the opinion of any of my employers, The Intensive Care Society or any other organisation I may be affiliated with.

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