Scribbles from #DasSmacc

About a third of the way through my first day at #DasSmacc I had an off the cuff idea to make some notes…and then remembered I had my i-pencil in my bag. Here is a collection of my notes from this wonderful conference….with two caveats:

It is real time writing; there will be spelling errors (and I’m a terrible speller on a good day)

If you’re in the crew of #FOAM dis-enthusiasts…feel free not to read, or indeed read, but with a view to pre-empting something that has been surfacing a lot over the past few days:

Yes I know not all of this is earth shattering.

No I don’t claim to be as clever, or cleverer than you.

Yes I do actually sometimes need to be reminded about the importance of really thinking about how we treat each other at work.

No I will never stop trying to get better at that.

Yes I know some of it is just opinion, but I didn’t go to #DasSmacc to be bombarded by three entire days of stodgy information that I would have no hope of remembering a day later: that’s not how I learn.

I went for the variety (and there was a real variety of science, EBM, humanities, stories and just plain entertainment)

I went to feel part of a community (which I did)
I went to be to be inspired (which I was).
I went to have some fun (which I did)

Look out for further notes to come on all of those thing that interested me, here.

You can find all of these notes on my twitter moments – please do comment on twitter, share with me your insight or experience and let me know where you think I’ve gotten things wrong. I have much to learn : )

Day 1.5-2


Day 3:



I am a single speciality Intensive care Medicine trainee and member of the Intensive Care Society Council... originally from Ireland but trained and working in West Mids, UK. You say my name like ee-fa My notes are not medical advice. Please enjoy, comment, share and let me know your thoughts. Disclaimers: All my opinions are generally a work in progress and therefore subject to change - but then why would it be any other way? Views expressed on Whistlingdixie and Scribblingdixie blogs are not medical advice. My opinions and the content on either of these sites do not constitute the opinion of any of my employers, The Intensive Care Society or any other organisation I may be affiliated with.

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